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Some people say you can never be too young, too good looking, or too rich. We like to think you can never have too much disk space, too much memory, or a CPU that is too fast. Last month we launched our new Intel i7 systems. If you work with graphics, CAD files, or render video then you spend time waiting for your computer to finish it's updating. A faster system can keep waiting time to a minimum so you can be more productive. Speed isn't just about a fast CPU. For the best performance all of the components need to be equally fast in order to reduce bottlenecks.CPU, memory, video processor, and storage all affect performance. Ask us how you can work in the fast lane!

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Thunderstorm Computers has been delivering custom hardware and software solutions since 1991. We can help you select, install, and operate anything from a netbook for web surfing & e-mail to a complete server room with many workstations. Don't forget the screaming gaming machine or Media Center! Need more storage space for your videos, pictures, and other files? We have solutions from 500GB to over a petabyte (1,000TB) with stops along the way. Add a second or third monitor to your system and watch your productivity soar.

In addition to hardware, our team can help you with software applications, website design & hosting, system management, disaster recovery plans, storage virtualization, and more. We have team members that hold certifications from Microsoft, Intuit (Quick Books), and others. With our remote support program we can fix many problems anywhere in the country without leaving our offices. See our Service & Support page for more details.

Computers are like cars in many ways. With care and regular maintenance they can last for years. Abuse & neglect them and their useful life is drastically reduced. We're like your car mechanic. Yes, we can fix major breakdowns but everyone is happier when we anticipate problems and keep them to a minimum. When was the last time your computer was cleaned? Dirt and dust buildup reduce the ability of the computer to keep cool and can lead to premature component failure. Call us now to schedule an engine cleaning!

We are contsantly researching products and services to better server our customers. Some new additions to our offerings in the last year are Spinetix digital signage, Quickbooks 2011, Microsoft Office 2010, USB 3.0 cables and hard drives (they are up to 10x faster than USB 2.0 drives), DisplayPort video cards & monitors, projectiondesign 24x7 projectors, Voice over IP phone systems, videophones, and more.

New items coming in 2011 are Windows Home Server 2011, 2560x1600 native resolution projectors & LCD screens, Full HD digital signage HyperMedia players,additional USB3.0 products, education classes, build-your-own-PC workshops, and recycling events. Call us for details on any of these products or for a class schedule.

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February 11th, 2012

We will be hosting a free electronic recycling event. We will be in the parking lot at 42nd Avenue and Tennyson Street in NW Denver from 10AM until 2PM. Computers & computer parts, flat panel monitors, printers, keyboards, mice, power cords & power bricks, stereo equipment, phones, etc will be recycled at no charge. There will be a small charge for CRTs (cathode ray tubes). Those are the old glass tube monitors.

Click here for more info.

June 23rd, 2010

Thunderstorm acquires office space at 4110 Tennyson Street. We have opened a walk in shop for customers to bring in computers for repair and check out computer equipment. We stock a full range of network, USB 2.0 & 3.0, FireWire, HDMI, DVI, Display-port, and other assorted cables. We also have a full complement of network switches, routers, and interface cards. Check out our selectoion of monitors, system examples, repair parts and more. One of us is usually in the shop but many times we are out on service calls so it is best to call before stopping by. We would love to see you so drop in if you are in the neighborhood.

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