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Pick your problem and we'll try to find you a solution.
I Think I Need Service
I Think I Need Hardware.
I want to have a monthly fixed cost for computer support.
I'm running out of storage space.
I have a system that is running slow, hot, etc.
I need to replace and old server.

My desktop / notebook won't boot up.

I really need a server to centralize storage & sharing.
My system needs a general tune up.
I want to have remote workers that appear to be in the office.
My system has a virus or spyware.
I am adding new local employees.
I don't have a data backup plan in place.
My network is too slow. I need to go Gigabit and Wireless N.
I have a new machine needing connection to a server.

I need a backup device.

I'm having trouble with my network.
I need higher resolution displays to work efficiently.
My office / home is no where near you. Can you help?
I need 2 or 3 monitors connected to one machine.
I need to talk to someone on the phone to help.
I need a system for the front lobby / kitchen.
I need to register, transfer, or host a website.
I need to move to networked printers & share them.
I need someone to design a website.
My monitor, keyboard, mouse, printer, etc has died.
I need help with Quickbooks or MS Office.
I'm running out of memory.
I need to train my staff on a particular piece of software.
I want to add a digital sign / info station at my business.
I don't know exactly what I need but I know it's computer related!!!!!!
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