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Custom Computer Flyer Business systems from $449 Loaded Quad Core only $899 4TB Enterprise NAS for $1199

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Acer Computer Flyer Home systems from $379. Business Systems from $399

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We believe computers are a lot like cars. Some people need small and nimble, others need a workhorse. There is no such thing as the "perfect" system. Our specialty is custom systems built especially for you. We also realize that not everyone needs a custom system and that planning the specifications for a custom computer can be a daunting task. Check out our pre-configured and pre-built custom systems for ideas. Check out our name brand flyers for additional ideas. Before you buy a computer you should answer the following questions.
For Desktops / Portables
For Servers
  • What 3 applications will I run the most?
  • How many of them will be open at the same time?
  • Will this be my only system?
  • Do I want to travel or take this system back and forth to work?
  • Will I be watching / editing video? Hi-Def?
  • How much storage will I need in 2 years?
  • What applications will I be running?
  • How many people will connect to the server?
  • How many of them will beconnected at the same time?
  • How many servers do I have ?
  • Will I put the storage internal or external ??
  • How much storage will I need in 2 years?
Atom NB
Entry Netbook
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Traveler Netbook
Upgraded Netbook
10.1" Netbook with 2GB RAM & 6 cell battery
Atom Tablet
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Business Desktop
Custom Built or Configurators Page
Media Center
Custom Only - Call for details
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Modular Server
Server Configurators Page
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